how to lose weight naturally?

How to lose weight naturally?

Due to today’s lifestyle and workload, weight gain is a common issue for all. If someone tries to shed that weight, gym trainers usually recommend them some over-hyped fat cutter or steroids, which has an adverse effect on health. So the question is, ” how to lose weight naturally? “. is it possible to lose it naturally? Well yes, it is. Let’s find out how.

We will discuss 5 scientifically proven ways to lose weight. So let’s get started.

Ways to lose weight naturally.

1. Coffee – Well everyone has heard of it and it is readily available. Coffee’s primary ingredient is caffeine. Caffeine signals brown adipose tissue to increase the heat in the body which results in increased metabolism and hence a greater possibility of weight loss.

how to lose weight naturally?
Coffee fat burning mechanism

2. Apple cider vinegar – This particular is trending in the market nowadays. Apple cider vinegar is made by crushing apple and then fermenting it to extract vinegar. It contains acetic acid which has numerous health benefits like breaking down fatty acids, normalizing blood sugar levels, and keeping a check on insulin levels too.

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3. L- carnitine – It is an amino acid-like compound. It is non-essential which means it is produced by the body but in lesser quantities. L- carnitine is like a delivery boy, which delivers the freely moving fatty acids to the cell’s mitochondria where fats are oxidized for energy.

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4. Intermittent fasting – it is a popular diet strategy where you will feed your body in a specific time window and the remaining time you will be in a fasting state. usually, the most effective time split is 16-8 window. You will feed your body in those 8 hours and rest 16 hours will be the fasting period.

What happens usually is when you have a meal, the food is burned as fuel for energy to support the daily body mechanisms. The extra energy is stored as fat in your body. When you go into intermittent fasting, after a week approximately, your brain takes it as an emergency situation where it senses that body is not getting the food as earlier and in order to maintain the bodily functions, your brain signals to use the stored fat as energy and this results in fat loss.

An example of intermittent fasting – You take your first meal at 11 AM and the last meal at 7 PM. & 7 PM to 11 AM will be the fasting period.

how to lose weight naturally?
Intermittent fasting- Fitness iQ

5. Consume more protein and fewer carbohydrates – When you are in intermittent fasting then you need to focus on what you eat. In this 8 hours eating window, you must feed your body quality nutrition. More protein consumption will improve your muscle ratio, tissue development, and increase fat loss. Fewer carbs don’t mean you should neglect the carbs completely. Just reduce the quantity of the carbs and witch to complex carbs.

Mix it up to lose weight naturally

All these methods are interlinked with each other. Let’s understand.

When you are in intermittent fasting, your body is ready to burn fats as an energy source. Starting your day with coffee, apple cider vinegar, and l-carnitine will help your body. Coffee and Apple cider vinegar will loosen up the fatty acids. L- carnitine will take these fatty acids to the mitochondria where the body has already signaled to burn fat as energy.

And since you are watching what you eat, there will be a lesser chance for this fat to accumulate again.

isn’t it simple?

Video explainer – In Hindi

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